Enchant crafting and XP

First off XP shall be given as PARTY XP. I know this defeats the purpose of going out of your way to do awesome but I shall solve that with my next line. Feats of epic proportions shall be rewarded with in game items, knowledge, and or ability points. This counts for roll play also, so if your character roll plays what would be a diplomacy check well enough you may succeed or gain a bonus to the actual roll in game. You also may gain a rank in something if you roll play it well and get a good check. I will limit the ability points to truly epic feats that wow me and only one rank up in a skill per session(and will be given at the end of session).

Enchanting items in my version of D&D does not take xp to make the items just money(or the appropriate ingredients), the prepared spell called for by the item description(number varies on enchanted item and + bonus of desired effect), and time(I foresee very little sparing time if you try and make things). EXAMPLE: I want to enchant and make a ring of force shield (DM:HB page 232), I need a ring, and some ingredients equal to 1/2 the cost of the full ring (so 8,500gp / 2 = 4,250.) then I need casts of wall of force equivalent to the bonus so +2 to AC would be 2 casts, and 2 sessions of enchanting and inscribing spell runes on the item so 12hrs(6hr sessions). Disclaimer you may not be able to find the ingredients where you are because it may be a specific metal for the ring or a rare other ingredient.

Other Enchanting and xp Notes in previous D&D games I noticed the lack of love for making an enchanting character and the bonuses of playing a party xp game. It is tons easier to calculate Challenge rating with the whole party on the same level. The second is enchanting is better off being a money dump for characters then a profession because of the extreme gap in levels that can happen in a party by doing most enchanting yourself. This way it can be a viable craft for your character to make money only taking time and ingredients just like the others. The negative I’ve added of using spell casts makes more sense then xp and you will be at a disadvantage playing as a Wizard already having a low spell count(unless you stock up on the right supplies and\or feats).

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Enchant crafting and XP

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