God of Lies, Mallazark


Pronunciation: Mal-la-zark
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Race: Some sort of Fiend or Demon

Weapons of Choice: Bow, Crossbow, Rapier, Many Exotic weapons, and Daggers
Choice Spells: Disguising spells, Suggestion spells, Illusion spells, and Fear spells.

Basic Info:
Dislikes most other Deities. He is seen as the god of Thieves, Cutthroats, Liars, Bankers, and Assassins. One of the strongest Deities. He is known for using Lies, Deceit, and trickery for getting what he wants done. Once a long time ago a Dragon came to him wishing to exchange his Arcane abilities for Mastery of Shadows to get revenge on the Dragon King. Mallazark says to him,“I will give you power over even the darkest shadows if you serve me and my servants for the rest of your life.” After the Dragon agreed and an Oath was signed with his blood He lost all of his magic and was filled with the power of Demons and Shadows. Then he disappeared for over 200 years.

A Little More:
The creator of Fiends and Demons. Chronic lover of Pantev though little other interaction happens between the two.

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God of Lies, Mallazark

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