God of Spirit, Emahu


Pronunciation: E-ma-hu
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Some sort of human spirit

Weapons of Choice: Swords and Bows
Favored Spells: Movement and Communication

Basic Information:
Also known as the keeper of spirits, Emahu when seen is a humanoid bright light with shining wings. He often comes to warn people of their future or fate while on Journeys. He will also appear to those who are misguided or could end up harming existence itself. To his truest of followers he has been known to appear as a Native American human and walk with them from one town to another talking. Though most others if this happens wouldn’t notice even if they did a walk and talk.

More About Him:
He created the angels. He helped create many spiritual monsters without physical flesh.

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God of Spirit, Emahu

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