Goddess of Desire, Pantev


Pronunciation: Pan-tehv
Alignment: Neutral Chaotic Deity
Race: She Closely resembles a Nymph

Weapons of Choice: Whip, Scimitar, and Dagger.
Favored Spells: Charming, Communication, Healing.

A Brief Description:
A very vain Goddess who views herself as the object of mortal desires. She is very unpredictable because she does as she pleases when she pleases. Known to come from the plane of the gods to tempt many a being. She can appear in many forms and has the ability to change her race at will. One such story from the past depicts her changing into the form of a horse and having her way with a poor farmers stallions. After the stallions she went into town as an elf to drink and ended up causing quite a ruckus when authorities arrived because of the taverns noise to find many people gorging themselves on food, drink, and performing sexual acts in the area of the tavern.

More about her:
She has been described as a person from who you can feel inner peace from. She speaks of the desires of the flesh as the true nature of all beings. She is the one who created Doppelgangers, Nymphs, and the Plane of Lust. Known to most of her followers she has had many sexual encounters with Mallazark.

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Goddess of Desire, Pantev

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