Understanding the Elements

The different elements are Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning, Darkness, and Light.
close range fighting – 0-10ft, mid range fighting 15-40ft, long range fighting 45+ft.

Light – This is where the powers of positive effect buffs, healing, and light spells come from. Its polar opposite would be Darkness. Not necessarily good aligned.

Darkness – This where where ability damage, negative levels, harming spells, and creating magical darkness comes from. Its polar opposite would be Light. Not necessarily evil aligned.

Fire – One of the most damaging types of spells and generally has a burn over time effect. Fire covers such things as heat and actual physical flame. It is good for mid range and close range combat with only the highest tier of fire spells being long range. Its weakness is Water but its strength is Wind.

Water – One of the weaker in terms of damage but also has an innate healing ability. Water covers both Water and Ice, Higher level being the Ice type spells. Water is meant for mid range and to keep enemies at that range. Ice is meant to slow or impede enemies and has a chance to freeze enemies solid for instant death. Strong vs fire weak vs earth.

Earth – Great for defense and protection with only minor damaging abilities most of which can be avoided with good reflexes. In combat Earth is best in close combat but does have some slightly ranged attacks. At high levels earthquakes can be made to create damage in an area. Strong vs water weak vs lightning.

Lightning – By far the strongest in upfront damage, damage amount is surpassed only by fires burn effect. Lightning has long, mid, and close range capabilities but is more capable in mid range combat. High level Lightning spells are by far the most frighting due to their chance to instantly stop the targets heart. strong vs earth weak vs wind.

Wind – The absolute middle on attack damage. Wind attacks are possible at any range but greatly favor longer range fighting. Most wind attacks effect an area and are able to push back opponents. High level wind spells are imposable to doge and have been known to knock enemies down. Strong vs Lightning weak vs fire.

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Understanding the Elements

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